Get Listed in the 2020 Rebellious Gift Guide for Freeeee

2020 rebellious gift guide

Usually around this time, Team Rebellious is contacting our beloved advertisers to sponsor our annual gift guide, and making writing assignments to our team of fabulous Rebelles.

But 2020 isn’t a usual year. And businesses—especially those closest to our feminist hearts—need to get their products, services, and amazingness in front of customers, not another sales pitch.

So we’re making all of the listings in this year’s gift guide free.

Yep, free.

No strings attached. No hidden fees. No “the product is you” nonsense.

Just what we hope will be a entrepreneur-driven, kick-ass collection of gifts for the feminists in your life.

November 25 Update: The Gift Guide is Live!

We love you, Chicago, and we can’t wait to see you soon. Thanks!

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Several of our fabulous Rebelles contributed to this piece.