Hookup State of Mind is Your Next Feminist Pleasure Read


Feminist romance readers are well aware of many of the common issues with the genre: fatphobia, heroines that are so often just out of their teens (and pursued by dudes in their 30s), the glorification of virginity, a lack of consistent verbal consent in sexual encounters.

Writers Becca Morgan and Amelia J Rose are intentionally writing stories that fight these trends and allowing readers to sit back and enjoy themselves without worrying what kinds of toxic, misogynistic messages they’re ingesting.

Hookup State of Mind, available on Amazon on March 17 for only $2.99, is a sweet little Novella featuring the curvy, opinionated actress/nanny Cleo and Dean, an old-money executive trying to build his own reputation while saving the environment. The story is a sexy, quick read that normalizes hooking up and figuring out the relationship part later.

But here’s what makes this project special: it’s also a podcast.

If you fall in love with the characters, you can relive it all over again through your earbuds.

Hear Cleo and Dean’s story narrated as the second season of the ConSensual podcast which revisits characters from the first season’s story: Ten Week Turnabout (also available on the Kindle market).

We’re hoping this trend continues so that ConSensual’s world continues to expand each season with a growing ensemble of connected characters each portraying their own little slice of the feminist dating sphere.

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Jera Brown writes about being a queer kinky polyamorous Christian on their blog scarletchurch.com. Their sex and relationship advice column, Just the Tip, is hosted by Rebellious Magazine. Follow them on Twitter or Instagram @thejerabrown.